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Multipurpose Website CMS & Creative Agency Management System

TechMan 2.0 is a powerful/modern project for any website. You can boost your business using TechMan CMS

Both the front end (Website) and back end (CMS) have a simple, contemporary style. It has been proven to offer the easiest and most straightforward user experience.

Create your webpage with only a few clicks. With an easy-to-use yet robust management system, you can quickly prepare your website. No coding is necessary.

Project Goal: You may work for a corporation (agency) or as an independent contractor. Introducing your services to a global audience is the aim of this endeavor. Your customers will be able to contact you more readily this way. You will therefore forge your identity in the online community.

You may take advantage of the latest version service with Laravel 8.

  1. based on the AJAX search bar in Bootstrap 4.x
  2. fantastic dashboard with data
  3. Very simple to alter the favicon, logo, and title
  4. Contact page with contact form
  5. ads on a blog post, article, or sidebar
  6. Make, Modify, and Delete Pages, Projects, and Posts
  7. Control the elements for the slider, service, members, testimonials, pricing tables, and clients.
  8. Possibility of implementing Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, OGgraph, and Schema ORG on the Website
  9. able to add meta descriptions and SEO meta titles to projects, pages, or articles
  10. Every text is able to be translated from frontend (website) to backend (cms).
  11. High score for Google Page Speed
  12. Maximum GTMetrix grade (A)
  13. Login to Facebook

Features of Security

  1. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) 
  2. Protection SQL Injection 
  3. Protection CSRF 
  4. Protection Secure Encrypt 
  5. Password Hashin 
  6. Service Provider – Purifier

Constantly upgraded, offering fantastic features, dependable assistance around-the-clock:

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